Abstract Submission

The 23rd Annual Congress of the Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition Society of Asia (PENSA 2023) welcomes the submission of abstracts. All accepted abstracts will be presented as an oral or poster presentation at the Congress as well as published on the scientific program proceedings. The E-copies of abstracts are password protected which can be found on the Congress website.

Important dates & deadlines

Online Abstract Submission Starts March 20th, 2023
Online Abstract Submission Deadline June 12th, 2023 July 10th, 2023
Abstract Review Results Notification July 14th, 2023 July 21st, 2023
Registration Deadline for Selected Presenters August 16th, 2023

Steps for Abstract Submission

step by step

Before Submission

  • Please read carefully all the instructions below and on the online abstract submission system before preparing your abstract.
  • The creation of a user account is required for the submission of an abstract. The account only needs to be created once and can be re-used for future abstract submission and registration to the conference. Submitters from last year’s meeting should use their existing account details.

Submission Guidelines

  1. All abstracts must be submitted and received from Mar. 20, 2023 to Jul. 10, 2023 through PENSA 2023 Abstract Submission Portal.
  2. Abstracts must be submitted in English.
  3. Words and attachments limitation:
  • Abstract Title–maximum of 30 words in UPPER CASE.
  • Abstract Text–maximum of 350 words.
We recommend using word-processing software (for example, Word) for editing your abstract and counting the number of words.
  • Only ONE table/ graph/ image can be submitted as a part of abstract. The maximum file size is 1 MB.
  1. The abstract needs to be structured as follows:
  • Rationale: This section should contain 1-2 sentences that clearly indicate the scientific question of the study and its clinical (or other) importance.
  • Methods: This section should contain sufficient information to be able to understand the experimental design, the analytical techniques and the statistics used in the study.
  • Results: This section should contain objective data to answer the scientific question(s).
  • Conclusions: This section should provide only conclusions of the study directly supported by the results, along with implications for clinical practice, avoiding speculation and over generalization. Statements such as “the results will be discussed” or “data will be presented and discussed” are not acceptable.

**For case report abstracts, please structure them as follows:

  • Introduction
  • Case Description
  • Discussion / Conclusion


PART I – Basics of Nutrition
1-1. Nutritional Epidemiology
1-2. Macronutrients Metabolism: Carbohydrates, Lipids, Protein
1-3. Micronutrients Metabolism: Vitamins and Trace Elements
1-4. Fiber, Fluid, Electrolytes and Acid–Base Disorders
1-5. Nutrition Screening and Assessment
PART II – Clinical Nutrition
2-1. Enteral Nutrition: Formulations, Access Devices and Complications
2-2. Parenteral Nutrition: Formulations, Access Devices and Complications
2-3. Drug – Nutrient Interactions
PART III -Nutrition Support of Specific States
3-1. Perioperative Nutrition & ERAS Trauma, Surgery and Burns
3-2. Sepsis, Infection and Critical Care (in ICU)
3-3. Nutrition in Geriatrics and Swallowing Disorders
3-4. Nutrition in Pediatrics
3-5. Nutrition and Chronic Disease: Pulmonary, Renal and Cardiac Diseases
3-6. Cancer
3-7. Diabetes Mellitus and Obesity
3-8. Liver, Gastrointestine, Pancreas and The Gut-Liver-Brain Axis
3-9. Solid Organ Transplantation
PART IV – Management and Professional Issues
4-1. Home Care
4-2. Ethics, Quality, Evidence-Based Practice: Policy & Medical Information
5. Miscellaneous

Presentation of Abstracts

  1. Abstracts can be accepted either as a poster or oral communication (Case report abstracts can only be accepted for poster communication).
  2. The Abstract Scientific Committee will select submitted abstracts and determine whether they are accepted for oral presentation or poster display.
  3. Posters should be a single page in portrait Format – more details on how to submit your poster will be provided in due time.

General Information

  1. Each presenting author can submit maximum 3 abstracts.
  2. The maximum authors of the abstract are 10 people.
  3. The on-line submission also indicates the copyright agreement to publish the abstracts for all purposes of the Conference usage without further notice.
  4. Presenting author of abstracts must be registered participants.
    * Please note: Registration fees must be received by the Secretariat by August 16, 2023 to ensure inclusion of the abstract in the Congress publications and in order to be scheduled for presentation.
  5. The same abstract CANNOT be submitted for consideration in different abstract categories.
  6. Authors are strongly advised to ensure the accuracy of the submitted abstracts. Any mistakes in literature or in scientific facts will be published as what is typed.
  7. All authors named in this abstract have agreed to its submission for presentation at the PENSA 2023, and that the authors are responsible for the data and agree with the stated results.
  8. The submitted / draft abstracts cannot be edited after the submission deadline (July 10, 2023, GMT+8). Please also note that the content of your abstract cannot be modified or corrected after final submission and that it will be published exactly as submitted.
  9. All abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee of the PENSA 2023 and the result will be informed by email. The presenting authors will receive a notice of acceptance/rejection by July 21, 2023.
  10. The Scientific Committee of the PENSA 2023, reserves the right to accept or refuse an abstract, to designate abstracts oral or poster presentation, and to choose a suitable session for the abstract. The authors’ preference of the type of the presentation and theme will be taken into account.

Research Awards


Young Investigator Award

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Candidates should be younger than 40 (born after December 31, 1983).
  2. Candidates must register for and attend the full Conference if accepted.

How to Apply

  1. Candidates should check the Young Investigator Awards (YIA) box while submitting an abstract via the Online Abstract Submission System before the deadline of Jul. 10, 2023.
  2. Scanned copy of ID Card / Passport (clearly indicating Date of Birth and Nationality) is required.