For a more sustainable congress experience with PENSA 2023

Image by Freepik

This year, Taipei welcomes the 23rd Annual Congress of the Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition Society of Asia. The city is a vibrant blend of culture, tradition, and modernity and, in 2023, it is also pledging for a world where innovation and sustainability go hand in hand.

At PENSA 2023, we also understand the importance of aligning our congress with global sustainability efforts, as we believe we all share a responsibility toward a better future for ourselves and the coming generations. Therefore, we made sure sustainability was never a second thought in our planning process, and we would also share that commitment with you.

Below, you will find our 15 carefully selected sustainable actions, designed to make our congress experience more sustainable. From reducing our carbon footprint while traveling to consuming mindfully and exploring the city with an eco-conscious lens, the document aims to guide you through small but meaningful changes that can be made to reduce our impact on our environment.

1. Come to Taiwan using an IATA airline
2. Avoid stop-overs
3. Measure your trip’s carbon footprint
4. Walk when possible!
5. Use Taipei public transportation system
6. Bike your way through
7. Choose sustainable accommodation when possible
8. Bring your own toiletries to help cut down on single-use plastic items

9. Try reusing towels and bed linens to minimize water consumption
10. Go paperless this time around
11. Tote bags, reusable cup and tableware go a long way in Taipei
12. Use the right recycling bins
13. Consume food responsibly
14. Choose local over international
15. Be good to the environment… and to your wallet!

Download the “Go Green with PENSA 2023” guide for more information: