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Fresenius, a German pharmaceutical company founded in 1912, was selected as one of the world’s top 500 companies by the American “Fortune” magazine. Its subsidiary, Fresenius Kabi, is one of the few industry-leading brands that can provide both enteral nutrition and parenteral nutrition.

Adhering to the concept of “Caring for life”, the most important commitment is to care for and improve the quality of life of each patient. Fresenius Kabi focuses on drugs and technologies for infusion, blood transfusion and clinical nutrition for patients with critical and chronic diseases, providing the best medical support for medical staff.

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For more than 70 years, Baxter offers a comprehensive portfolio of products for acute and chronic patients who are unable to take adequate oral or enteral nutrition, or require supplemental nutrition.

Baxter product portfolio includes ready-to-use parenteral nutrition (PN) in several nutritionally balanced formulations containing amino acids, glucose, intravenous fat emulsions, such as Oliclinomel N4/N7, Periolimel N4 and Olimel N12E . When patients have more complex, and individualized nutritional needs, we also provide pharmacy compounding machine to support their unique needs. This combination helps ensure you have options to appropriately prescribe nutritionally balanced PN therapy to meet your patients’ needs.

We partner with healthcare professionals worldwide to offer the most trusted names in nutrition products for every stage of life, to meeting the distinct nutritional needs of general public or people with acute or chronic conditions to support their own health and vitality.

With a passion for empowering people to lead healthier lives, Hi-Q Marine Biotech has been investing in the research and development of functional ingredients for dietary health supplements since 1998. Specifically, we have been developing adjunct supplements to alleviate the side effects of cachexia in cancer patients and improve their quality of life. Hi-Q utilizes advanced technology to extract Oligo Fucoidan from marine brown seaweed, it is low molecular weight fucoidan with exceptional bioactivity. Our product has been clinically proven to be safe and effective, and has received a great reputation in Taiwan and overseas markets.

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The Otsuka group of companies is a total-healthcare enterprise that aims to contribute to the health of people around world under the corporate philosophy, “Otsuka-people creating new products for better health worldwide”.

Taiwan Otsuka Pharmaceutical is a joint venture company of Japan Otsuka Pharmaceutical in Taiwan. It was founded in 1974. Its products are exported to many countries in Asia, proving that its quality has reached world standards.


Nestlé Health Science empowers healthier lives through nutrition

As a global leader in the science of nutrition, we nourish those who need extra care, fill nutrition gaps and provide innovative products for a healthier future, enabling customers and patients to live their healthiest lives.

Peptamen® is proven to improve patient outcome for patient in hospital and the ICU.

Impact® is a clinically proven nutritional solution for critically ill patients pre & post-surgery or following trauma.

Founded in 1983, Nutritec-Enjoy Corporation adheres to the initial intention of developing professional nutrition products for different need and value proposition “Nutrition for better life”. As the first professional nutrition consulting company in Taiwan, it has developed more than 20 nutritional formulas suitable for Asian. In Taiwan, over 90% hospitals and 50% nursing institutions use Nutritec-Enjoy(Efione brand) products and throughout 700 pharmacies carry Efione products.

Founded in 1980, COSMED is an Italian company that specializes in the global design, manufacturing, and distribution of diagnostic medical devices.
Headquarters in Rome and three manufacturing plants located in Italy, Denmark, and USA.
COSMED devices serve a range of purposes, including the assessment of Lung Function, Metabolic health, and Body Composition. They include OMNIA, the modular software suite with an innovative user interface compatible with the entire COSMED product range.
COSMED places great emphasis on maintaining the highest standards of quality and adheres to various quality system standards such as ISO 13485:2016, ISO 9001:2015, and MDSAP.

U-Long has been marketing supplements, drugs and medical devices for over 30 years. Our LiquiD P&B is top 1 brand in the market of vitamin D3 liquid at Taiwan medical centers. This product has been used in patients with acute and chronic diseases for over 8 years. We are expanding its market into other countries. If you are interested in it, contact Ms. Judy Tsai with

TSPC(Taiwan Specialty Pharma Corp.)is a professional pharmaceutical company whose mission is to introduce high quality and advanced medicines for the benefit of patients. We have established a top class marketing & sales team, led by experienced managers with high profession standards.

TSPC specializes in the field of hematology, oncology, nephrology and medical nutrition with our strong commitment to the medical professionals. In cooperation with medical societies, we invited numerous well-known scholars and experts to visit Taiwan where we hold CME courses and lectures to facilitate both academic experience and the sharing of clinical experience.

Upwards Biosystems, Ltd. is dedicated to providing high-quality products that meet clients’ needs. Through professional and enthusiastic service, we effectively achieve the best solutions. We inherit from the past and look to the future – growth comes from continuous learning and innovation.

InBody is a worldwide leader in body composition technology. Today, InBody has grown into a multinational corporation with branches and distributors in more than 80 countries. InBody provides precise and useful body composition data to its users since InBody combines convenience, accuracy, and reproducibility into one easy-to-use device.

Morris Enterprise is a professional healthcare products distributor funded in 1984. We dedicate in developing, marketing, selling and distribution of pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and healthcare products in Taiwan. We are competent in brand management with wide coverage of specialties. The long heritage of win-win cooperation with multinational companies grant us trusted reputation. We emerge into medical nutrition portfolios for years to better serve the aging society needs. We dedicate in social responsibility with various emergency relief, education fund, material supply programs to underprivileged.

HAC, Health Assurance Care, the brand was developed for preventing LSRD (lifestyle related disease) and taking care of all family members. The whole range was formulated by physicians and dieticians from Taiwan YSP (Yung Shin Pharmaceutical) team and USA CTI (Carlsbad Tech Inc.) team. All dietary supplements were manufactured with cutting edge equipments in certified facilities with extremely strict quality standard. By choosing HAC, you not only choose a healthier life style but also a protector for your family.

HAC – the family care expert that you can trust.

Quaker has developed Quaker Complete Nutrition Food. With over 30 essential nutrients, Quaker Complete Nutrition Food is “balanced nutrition” in every single can. Formulated by nutrition experts and proven effective in human testing, Quaker Complete Nutrition Food allows every elderly to enjoy a nutritious and healthy lifestyle with ease.

FORLIFE COMPANY was established 20 years ago, dedicated to critical care units, acting as the distributor for GE and ZOLL brand-related products.

Nutritional assessment of critically ill patients has always been a crucial indicator in intensive care units. Utilizing GE’s unique technology and more objective assessment tools, in accordance with ASPEN’s Guideline, we welcome you to visit our booth (D1) for a demonstration.

Following the thought of preventive healthcare and medicine, SMAD Biotechnology Co, Ltd, devotes itself to the development of professional health supplements for the middle-aged and elderly. To promote the quality and specialty of our products, In addition, we have shown initiative in adding professional ingredients for health food in our health products such as Oligomeric Proanthocyanidines (OPCs), antioxidant extracted from red grape seeds, and natural lutein to combine the double essence of healthcare and nutrition, which is pioneering in the market.

For 125 years, BD has pursued our Purpose of advancing the world of health™. We relentlessly commit to a promising future by developing innovative technologies, services and solutions, as well as helping the healthcare community improve safety and increase efficiency. PICC (Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter), proven to effectively contribute to lower infection risk than CVC, has been reimbursed by Taiwan Gov’t for those patients who need the TPN treatment for over 14 days since 2019. Proven performance coupled with proven effectiveness. Our PICC products, Groshong and PowerPICC, have set the standard in closed-system, vascular access delivery.

Micrel Medical Devices SA is a dynamic medical technology company designing, manufacturing and marketing drug delivery systems. The company offers a full range of ambulatory infusion pumps and related disposables for a broad array of hospital and home-based patient treatments.

Micrel is active in the areas of Pain Management and Analgesia, Parenteral Nutrition, Immunoglobulin Therapy, Parkinson’s disease. Thalassemia, Primary Pulmonary Hypertension (PPH) and other infusion therapies.

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